Alex Lukyanchuk

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising-a type of online advertising, in which the advertisement is displayed in accordance with the content, context of the Internet page (lat. contextus-connection).

Contextual advertising acts selectively and is displayed to visitors of the Internet page, whose sphere of interest potentially coincides / intersects with the theme of the advertised product or service, the target audience, which increases the likelihood of their response to advertising.

The principle of keywords is usually used to determine the compliance of advertising material with the page of the website. Search engines also focus on keywords. Therefore, contextual advertising is more likely to be shown to the consumer who uses the Internet to search for information about goods or services.

Almost all search engines on the Internet use contextual advertising systems for profit (for example, Yandex advertising networks.Direkt and Google AdWords, which are the source of profit of the companies of Yandex and Google, respectively). Contextual advertising systems allow you to place ads on pages with search results for certain keywords; on sites that have installed contextual advertising blocks on their pages and in mobile applications.

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