Alex Lukyanchuk

CTR (Сlick-through rate)

CTR (synonym-clickability, from English. click-through rate — the value of CTR) is a metric in Internet marketing. CTR is defined as the ratio of clicks on a banner or ad to the number of impressions, measured as a percentage[1].

Formula for calculating CTR:

CTR = (number of clicks/ impressions) * 100

For example: the ad unit was shown 10 times and it was clicked 2 times. So its CTR is 20%.

The abbreviation CTR is pronounced as “C-ti-ar”. CTR is an important indicator of the effectiveness of any advertising campaign. CTR can be applied to any hypertext link on the Internet, if its impressions and clicks are taken into account.

CTR for dynamic banners in Runet usually ranges from 0.01% to 2%. With good media planning and effective targeting, CTR can be significantly higher at tens of percent. The highest CTR can be provided by contextual advertising in search engines, when advertisers ‘ads are shown depending on users’ search queries.

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