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Target audience

In this article we will talk about tactics in the framework of content marketing, which aims to involve the target audience in the process of brand development, as well as keeping its attention in the analysis of key aspects of the business as a whole.
Content product and behavioral assessment: identifying the problem

Today we can observe the activation of a new round of struggle for the location, the trust of potential customers. This is due to the fact that many of the tools of positioning, advertising of trade offers are no longer perceived by users as effective channels of information dissemination. Banner advertising is an example.

Thus, the CTR of advertising and selling blocks over the past two years has decreased to record low levels. The number of users installing a special ad blocker for this format continues to grow. Losses of advertisers are estimated in billions of dollars.

And more recently, a new problem has arisen, which is the passive response of the Internet audience to the traditional style of presenting information publications. Such a model of behavior, I must say, is becoming ubiquitous. The result is a massive decrease in the attendance of information platforms and, as a result, a drop in real sales.

What should marketers do in this situation? How should we motivate the audience to get acquainted with the information product? And what role can content managers play in optimizing content projects?
We form the strategy of the decision on the basis of foreign developments

According to foreign analysts, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the content strategy by applying the following formula: development of content in the optimal format for a specific target audience + its demonstration in the web space within which users show the greatest consumer activity.

First of all, it is necessary to make an up-to-date portrait of a potential consumer.

To do this, we use the method of segmentation of the readership, based on the definition of:

the last visit by the user of the website;
total number of his visits;
the total number of articles he read.

The effectiveness of the proposed model is explained by the possibility of distributing all readers to local social groups, for which individual targeted PR-campaigns are subsequently developed.

It should be noted that in order to obtain the most objective result, it is necessary to monitor other parameters: the number of web page views, the failure rate, the time during which the user analyzed the content of the resource.

Note. Adjusting the content strategy in real time, taking into account the analysis of reports received in the framework of the study of all user segments, will ensure the formation of timely recommendations to increase the involvement of the target audience.

In 2017, Analytics will become a key element of content marketing (forecasts of foreign experts).

So, with its help you can:

promptly monitor the socio-behavioral signals generated in the study of a particular article;
make changes immediately after the receipt and processing of a specific consumer reaction (the mechanism is something like this: the audience is interested in a certain publication — you add thematic links to it in order to provide the maximum amount of information — the re-connection of Analytics will help to find out whether the optimization of the structure of the information product increased user involvement).

Creating a loyal target audience is an alternative approach to content strategy modernization.

What is it?

Initial data: unique content + readers who have already praised it.

The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of interaction between the audience and information products, converting readers into subscribers/buyers in the near future.

Algorithm of actions:

collect opinions of readers (ask to leave a comment under the article, conduct surveys on social networks, follow the development of discussions within niche forums, and so on);
based on the formed preferences, you create new target materials.

The dissemination of information on different platforms will provide the required audience coverage.

Social networks, messengers, personal website, blog, mobile applications — all these channels should be connected/optimized within the framework of building productive communication processes. We are also talking about those sites that are not your usual organizational and managerial environment.

For example, the public, developed in the process of implementing various information projects, is considered a potentially effective channel for obtaining information about the preferences of the target audience. Modernization of content marketing in 2017-is the solution of problems not only through proven methods, but also by connecting non-standard formats of presentation of business ideas, content in General. These include:

success stories of well-known corporations, brands;
announcements informing readers about the upcoming restart of the content submission concept (short videos (video marketing is a popular trend this year), photo reports);
explanatory materials in which you need to specify the reasons for reformatting the content strategy.

Longreads is an additional tool within the framework of strengthening audience engagement.

You can make your project competitive by writing articles detailing a particular topic. The text should be expanded by adding multimedia information elements: audio recordings, videos, photo content.

Results: formation of loyal reader segment, increase in the number of returns to the resource, viral distribution of advertising and selling information products.

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