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Targeting is a solution for small and medium businesses. The targeting strategy was developed a few years ago, when it became popular in the US to use sites to advertise small businesses designed for a local client. Large and rich corporations promote Internet resources on high-frequency requests and attract millions of traffic flows. But this approach requires, respectively, to invest in the promotion of the site millions of months.

Imagine a situation. The owner of a small service station heard that with the help of your site you can very well attract new customers. The owner of the service STATION goes to the web Studio and says: so and so, I need a corporate website where my company could advertise its services to Internet users.

In our case, the owner of one HUNDRED ready to order a website in 15 000 for promotion to spend a month another 3000. When the Manager of the web Studio begins to talk about millions of monthly, clearly confirming the accuracy of the figures estimates for the promotion, of course, the owner of a small local enterprise is horrified.
Website promotion to a narrow target audience

Well, since SEO-companies did not want to lose a single client, especially since such low-budget wanting to create their sites became more and more, a strategy of promotion to a narrow segment of users was proposed.

The term “targeting” comes from the English Targeting — aim. Target Audience-target audience.

The owner of the service STATION works mostly for car owners living somewhere nearby, within walking distance. Why in such a situation to promote the site to the whole world? It is possible to advance for narrow audience on low-frequency inquiries that is ten times cheaper, than on high-frequency.

With a targeted strategy, the cost of promotion becomes available for small and medium-sized businesses.

Narrow targeting can become an optimal strategy not only for local business, but also for all projects with a specific audience. It may happen that in an absolute number of narrow target audience will be multimillion, but in terms of promotion of sites we are talking about attracting strictly users with certain parameters, limited by narrow limits.
Targeting and sales funnel

When a commercial project, such as an online store, is untwisted, it is assumed to work with customers who are at different stages of readiness to make a purchase.

Vague interest. Somewhere, I heard something about a wonderful product.
Study of market supply.
Comparison of options.
Taking decision.
Order registration.

In the commercial sphere, targeting is further narrowed to promotion by customer categories and at the same time is scaled into a network that covers all categories of customers and does not allow to lose a single dollar from business.
Online shopping

In recent years, the fashion is increasingly included shopping using a smartphone or tablet. Indeed, it is very convenient and profitable to get. Instead of wandering through the dusty streets of the city, you can comfortably lie down on the couch with a tablet and slowly compare prices and range in the nearest retail outlets. As a result, the quality of customer experience increases significantly.

In parallel, the Google search engine is actively promoting its services for small local businesses — Google My Business. This service just provides a narrowly focused promotion for users of mobile devices who are in search of goods and services within walking distance.

Where to eat nearby?
Car broke down — where is a HUNDRED?
Ow! My pipes burst! Urgently me locksmith.

In the latter case, an advanced private locksmith has long established its own individual website and promotes plumbing repair services literally within its neighborhood.

In this case, the Google my Business service will help the citizen with the current pipes to find a specialist living as close as possible, who will arrive in just a few minutes and will repair everything.

In the near future, the deepening of targeting in the promotion will be focused not just on mobile devices, but on voice search. More and more users understand how convenient it is to simply ask questions to the smartphone. Therefore, the expected new trend in SEO is the formation of the semantic core of the site for low-frequency queries given by simple speech, without grammar. And perhaps even with the use of slang and profanity.

In General, targeting today is a significantly developed promotion strategy, and the division into geotargeting and time targeting is already the arithmetic of primary classes.

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