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Each site owner strives to attract as many visitors as possible to their virtual platform. The increase in traffic will have a positive impact on the trading potential of the online store, and various information portals profit from advertising and affiliate links.

There are several legal and illegal ways to attract the target audience, which the site owner must learn about before inviting a specialist for promotion. Some of the tools used in the process of promotion and search engine optimization are so simple that even beginners can cope with them.
What is site traffic and how does it happen?

Traffic in SEO-a term that allows you to identify the total number of visitors who were on a particular site in the period of time. Having discarded some related factors of influence, among which seasonality deserves special attention, attendance can be identified with the concept of traffic. Depending on the source, the traffic can be divided into paid, search and external (from third-party resources).
Types of traffic

Promotional. Received due to the placement of advertising materials of various types, so the number of visitors increases during the active conduct of the marketing campaign. Investments in advertising will pay off only after careful planning and selection of a suitable promotion system, whether it is a social network, search engine, video hosting, affiliate site or any other platform.
Motivated. It is considered a hotbed for various scammers, because it is based on not quite legal promotion tools. You can cooperate with companies that offer mutual exchange of traffic or its purchase. This should include all sorts of ways to cheat the number of visitors. For trading companies and corporate websites, the benefit of attracting an audience by this method is in great doubt. The site will receive visitors, but among them a huge number will be virtuals who will not use the services of the company and will not buy its products.
Search. It depends on the quality of the site with search engines. Here comes to the fore the quality of content and optimization. You can increase traffic only if you are constantly working with SEO tools. The systematic and deliberate promotion will bring the website on high position in results Google. Visitors who come to the site from search engines make up the bulk of the target audience. Many of them are willing to pay for the purchase of goods and order services.
Partnership. By participating in affiliate marketing programs, you can attract a huge number of visitors. The exchange of referral links will bring new customers to the partner sites. To participate in affiliate programs can both sites themselves and visitors of the resource. Special exchanges of partner programs become excellent platforms for finding partners for long-term and safe cooperation. Links can also be bought, but it will be much more profitable to carry out a direct exchange of links with partners. In addition, search engines oppose the purchase of the reference mass. However, it is the acquired links that become the basis for improving the indexing of the site and further increasing the level of search traffic.
Type-in, or direct. Enables visitors visiting the site by manually entering the domain in the address bar. The audience, which in this way goes to the page of the site, is interested in further cooperation. In the bookmarks on the computer, only the sites are stored, to which the visitor is ready to move regularly, so direct traffic is considered the main source of attracting revenue-generating audience.

Depending on the type of equipment the visitor uses, mobile and desktop traffic can be distinguished. Many sites rely on an adaptive design that will attract an audience that uses both portable devices and desktop computers.

Additionally, it is necessary to allocate such concept, as “effective traffic”. The term is used to refer to the website audience that is ready to pay for goods/services or engage in microtransactions (payment for various goods provided by the project for internal use).
That affects the traffic

Search engines are looking for new content, good links to it, republications of this content and people who want to read it all. They also search for specific keywords and phrases that are used appropriately and correctly in the content.

Of course, there are techniques that can slightly advance SEO, and at the same time with their help you will provide your readers with an invaluable service. We present seven ways in which you can do this.
The speed of the website
It’s not so much a matter of content as design and testing. Just a couple of facts from a recent study:

47% of Internet users expect a website / page to load within two seconds;
40% refuse to go if the site/page is loaded more than three seconds.

A delay of even one second can cause a 7% reduction in site navigation.

If you want to show great content but keep your readers waiting, they will never see it. And if they do not see it, they will never share it and will not become part of your efforts to increase the conversion of the site.

Website loading speed is also an important factor in SEO ranking. If you often change the components of your site, if your site contains not quite compressed images, then it loads more slowly. Frequent testing is very important, and on different devices, and if faults are detected, they should be immediately corrected.

Visitors will jump directly to the content if they see that the headline is intriguing, witty, and related to exactly the problem they want to solve. For example, the coating applied that year on the half-verandas, this year peeled off and fell off. It’s only natural that you want to know why it happened, how to fix it. Will begin the search for the answer on the Internet. And when the search results show titles and descriptions that match your problem, you’ll click on them. Everyone does. Such headlines will work immediately.

Headlines should be very specific, with their own idea or message. In addition to the headings with numbers, which are the most popular, there are other popular types of headings. Headlines in the form of the question “How to do…” are also very popular, as they suggest a solution to the problem for your readers.

If you lack a creative flair, you can use a tool like the header generator. You just type a few keywords and get a lot of options. Even if you don’t like any of them, you’ll get plenty of ideas and tips for creating your own title.

An extra tip. This is very good when your title is shown in its entirety on the search results page. If your title has 72 characters or less, it will certainly happen.
About the content

With respect to content are several important factors, not the least of them are current topics, frequent and consistent posting, the correct use of keywords/phrases, visuals (images, photos, infographics, slides, videos), etc. Here we describe a few simple techniques.

If you are looking for ideas to fill the site that will bring you a lot of traffic, you can check your competitors ‘ blogs and social networks to find out the most discussed issues. Do not touch on topics older than two months, otherwise they will not be very fresh and not quite relevant.

Browse sites like Buzzsumo, search for keywords related to your niche, and find the most relevant and discussed posts.

Read posts written recently by others. Do you have something new and unique to add? Republish this post and add your new content.

Make sure you have a clear and distinct understanding of who your buyer is. And then write in the expectation of that customer. Find out what questions he / she asks on Quora (another source of topics) or in the forums.

Set a schedule for posting to your blog and stick to it. Search engines like it when the blog regularly appear fresh publications.

Use humor, case studies and tell stories, because readers love this kind of content, and they will be happy to share it.
Buy backlinks

Another important factor in SEO ranking is the number of links leading to your website that are found somewhere on the Internet. But these should be good references. If you get links from not very reliable and not quite trustworthy sources, especially not related to your occupation, you will be punished by a search engine. Don’t look for links just for the sake of links. Look for trustworthy and reliable. Then a few ideas on how to do it.

Find great content in blogs related to you direction. Ask for permission to publish this content on your blog. Subscribe to this person on social networks, comment on his / her posts. After a while, forward him/her one of your best posts and ask him / her to publish it.
Buying backlinks will work if you buy them from established people. A great place for this is Twitter. You only need to find good accounts to subscribe to them. Make a joint agreement with related blogs to promote each other and each other’s content.
Post some really funny or inspirational content that people will share. Make sure the link leads to you. When a link is shared, its recipients can go to your blog and see everything you write about.

If a lot of good links lead to you, Google will see that you are “in touch”. This is important.

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