Alex Lukyanchuk


Among the secrets of a special place is occupied by the secrets of numbers, their origin and influence on people. We are faced with numbers at every step, they accompany us from birth to the last days. We cannot imagine our life without them. What role do they play in our destiny?
The science of numbers-numerology-was part of the intimate knowledge of the most educated and enlightened elite of the ancient States: Egyptian priests, Assyrian magicians, Indian Brahmins. The priests of ancient Memphis claimed “ ” the science of numbers and the art of will – these are the two keys of magic, they open all the doors of the universe.” Pythagoras, telling his disciples this mysterious science, said that from how much a person is familiar with the magical properties of numbers, how much he knows how to use them, so he dominates his fate.
In yoga numerology was considered and is considered one of the highest types of spiritual practice


In this group will be revealed many secrets of numbers for the inquisitive mind

Consultant numerologist Elena Lukyanchuk

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