Alex Lukyanchuk

Yandex is constantly introducing new algorithms that are designed to make advertisers spend more money.

In addition, more and more advertisers come to contextual advertising.

Therefore, a few months later, after you have successfully configured your first direct Or Advords, you need:Regular Analytics of the effectiveness of the advertising companyincluding of non-effective sites, ads and key phrases determining the optimal click price and the optimal coverage of the reduction \ retention of the cost of conversion \ B testing headers, texts and karinakarina new key phrases (extension of semantics)adds a new stop lowestrate the status of “little impressions”Competitive razvedroty advertising company in accordance with the new requirements Andexotic I’m going to do:the accumulation of data unload report on the cost of conversion? Not effective, the company turned off.

Then I look at the cost of conversions on key phrases and ads. Not effective phrases and ads turned off.

I add new stop sign words.

Disable phrase with nickinovich rates and increase the reach (as required).

Regularly repeat steps 1 and 2 until, until you remove all excess.

Thus, the conduct of an advertising campaign is primarily Analytics and interpretation of statistical data.

For successful advertising you need to be able to analyze the numbers very well.