Alex Lukyanchuk

Direct Management

1. Incoming traffic control.
Daily check of key requests, which are used by clients.
Чистка нецелевого трафика. Formation of global and local lists of negative words.

2. Bid management.
Daily monitoring and adjustment of bids on key phrases to achieve the following goals:
Configure Direct to gain maximum profit from contextual advertising.
Getting maximum conversions and sales when holding a given level of cost a customer (CPA).
Finding the right position in the issuance of Yandex.
Control of traffic thickness within the allocated budget.

3. Analysis and correction of advertising campaign.
Control by the Director 24 hours a day.
We set up an efficiency control system for each campaign (each business direction, product group). We are working on improving the efficiency of each key phrase.

If necessary, we make adjustments to contextual advertising related to changes in the business process or promotion of the advertised product.

4. Efficiency evaluation.
Increasing the number of key phrases on this topic, expanding the semantic core.
Set up direct So as to keep the leading position on the most conversion ads.
Defining ADS with proven CTR — transfer them to the category of conversion, apply to them a separate strategy to increase sales.
Identify ineffective ads (the ratio of impressions/CTR).Корректируем, исправляем, заставляем работать.
Definition of ads with high competitiveness and high rates — for such ads, we take measures to increase the relevance:… or turn off, so as not to harm the advertising budget.
Изменяем рекламные тексты объявлений, проводим А/В тестирование заголовков.

5. Market expansion.
We connect additional advertising campaigns based on the analysis of competitors ‘ activities, seasonality of certain services or goods, promotions, etc.
We offer new solutions and methods of contextual advertising.

6. Protecting companies.
Installation on site of additional scripts to protect against sklikivanie budget.
Daily control of key parameters and prompt action against competitors ‘ attacks (sklikivanie, Bay of inappropriate traffic, lowering the reputation of your domain, etc.).
Resolution of disputes with moderation and support of Yandex direct.

Weekly report on key indicators-click price, conversion, traffic, costs.

The uniqueness of the offer! Selection of key phrases, preparation of ads, text testing, increase SEC ads … all work is done manually!No automatic system will replace the thoroughness of manual work! Rolls-Royces are still hand-built.

The cost of maintenance is calculated on an individual basis. The cost depends on the number of operating companies.