Alex Lukyanchuk

How do I set up Yandex.Direct

Now there are 3 basic approaches to setting up direct:

Collecting keywords from Yandex Wordstat service; Artificial Semantics-multiplication of keywords; Competitive intelligence – collection of competitors ‘ keywords by special services.

A little more about each approach:

  • Collecting key words from the service Yandex Wordstat;

Take the key phrase “interior design” and thrust into a special program. She turns to the Yandex and gets all possible user requests with key words.


interior design        272800

interior design photo          42901

apartment interior design 27147

kitchen interior design         24168

– where the numbers indicate the number of such requests monthly.

This approach is good because you can get a list of all stop words, such as “photo”, “download without registration”, “free”, “torrent”, etc.and do not spend money on their testing.

  • Artificial Semantics-multiplication of keywords;

Take all the options of synonyms for key words


Multiply all the options-get a list:

Car Repair, Car Repair, Car Replacement, Car Replacement, Car Alignment, Car Alignment, Auto Repair, Auto Repair, Auto Replacement, Auto Replacement

Next, with this list you need to do as in paragraph 1)

This approach is good because not all queries that can be obtained by “multiplying”can be downloaded from Wordstat.

  • Competitive intelligence – collecting competitors ‘ keywords with special services.

We select the sites of competitors, which are displayed on requests that are interesting for advertising. From special services we unload requests, which users find competitors in Search engines. Next, you need to group the keywords into groups.The advantage of this approach is that you can quickly gather a list of several thousand keywords, while the list will be such requests, which was very difficult to think of. The disadvantage of this approach is that in addition to useful queries, there will be a large amount of garbage, which then will have to be “cleaned”for a long time.For quality settings Yandex.Direct you must use a combination of all three approaches.The main pattern is that the more keywords – the more conversions, but the more budget you need to spend in order to test all the keywords. Here more does not mean better and less does not mean better.


Qualitative setting of direct should include the following main points:Competitive intelligence (at least minimal)Collection of key phrases (perhaps upload competitors)list of stop words and removing words with stop-lowmigration key to sloviplast templates, below the headline was equal key presinapticalkie texts obyavleniya quick links and autocamioane business cartolibreriafani requests and removing doubleprecision UTM label in sillahertane advertising companies in the Search and to Rapidlyit Yandex.The metric and to set up goals conversion (usually applications), the Determination of the optimal price, klika/B testirobbiewilliamye media plan

And this is far from an incomplete list of what you need to do with your Director, so that he worked effectively and brought you profit. In addition to configuration, Direct requires regular support and optimization.

What guarantees do I provide?

I make no guarantees. Unfortunately, Internet marketing is not an exact science. With each client I work as efficiently as possible to recommend me to friends. But, each economic sector has its own characteristics and the use of such a channel as contextual advertising is not always possible\appropriate.