Alex Lukyanchuk

In the era of information technology, the Internet has become almost the only source of information and means of communication. Almost all companies have their own websites or Internet pages. But not everyone uses them as trading or advertising platforms. To turn a company’s website into a sales tool, you just need SEO website promotion. It is about him and will be discussed in this article.

SEO is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engines Optimization in English, which means “search engine optimization”. SEO promotion (search engine optimization, website optimization, SEO) – a set of measures to improve the site, which contribute to its entry into the top search engine for key queries. In other words, SEO-this is what you need to do to raise the position of the site in search results.

The process of SEO

Search engine optimization should start with an audit, with which you can get complete information about the current position and status of the site. Full site audit provides technical audit, SEO audit, usability audit and marketing audit.

The most important to start the SEO process of website promotion is technical audit. As a result of its implementation, the program and technical shortcomings of the site will be identified. In the implementation of technical analysis, the following parameters of the Internet resource are checked: the speed of loading the pages of the site, the correctness of its layout, page encoding, the presence of broken links, the work of the 404th error, checking and creating robots files.txt and sitemap.xml, checking headers and meta-descriptions of pages, presence of duplicate pages and errors in the navigation structure of the site, optimization of graphic elements, including flash-animations.

SEO and usability audit will help to determine:

what are the current positions of the site in the search results for keywords;
number of indexed pages;
is the site or its pages under the search engine filter;
the level of convenience of using the site and making purchases, etc.

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After conducting the audit in parallel to start the internal and external promotion of the site.

External SEO promotion of the site will help the search engine to assess its credibility. The main type of work at the same time — is the build-up of citations and links to your site on other reputable Internet resources. The more references and the more authoritative their sources, the better.

Links can be divided into two categories: organic and artificial. Organic is a good, correct links that the search engine trusts and that it takes into account when ranking sites. Signs of organic links: they appear at the birth of the page; the text and the whole site, where the link is placed, is thematic; the link is placed in the text, not in the basement or ad unit; it has the correct text and address parts (anchor and url); the link does not disappear. Artificial links are rental links that can be placed on sites with other topics, in inconspicuous places, outside the text. Such links can be purchased on reference exchanges.

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Importantly. Since the release of the Google Penguin search filter and its subsequent releases, artificial links have ceased to be taken into account, and the simultaneous appearance of a large number of links to sites has led to the exclusion of Internet resources from the index. This is a General trend for all search engines. Therefore, trust SEO site promotion is experienced companies that monitor all changes in search algorithms and constantly improve the promotion strategy.

Internal SEO optimization is working directly with the site itself. It is necessary to correct errors and finalize the online resource in accordance with the results of the audit. In addition, at the stage of internal optimization:

page linking and site structure are being worked out;
design and layout errors are corrected;
put down meta tags;
snippets are configured;
key phrases for optimization are selected;
the site is filled with useful unique content, etc.

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Importantly. Search engines have implemented a mechanism in search algorithms that allows you to determine the uniqueness and value of the content of the site pages. The most famous of them is Google Panda. Therefore, descriptions of goods or services, as well as information materials should be placed with the indication of the source or create their own original texts.

Trends in SEO optimization of websites

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One of the trends in search engine promotion is the filling of sites with useful and unique content. Placing an article on the site, answer the question: what benefit will the reader get from it — your potential client? In addition to forming a section of useful articles, corporate blogging has gained popularity, which also plays a positive role in search engine optimization.
A good trend is the saturation of sites with multimedia content. The media contributes to a better perception of the information, holds the user on the website. Video reviews of products, customer reviews, the ability to “twist” products in 3D or make a virtual tour are becoming popular.
To the lexicon of the creators of the search algorithm, in addition to the epithets “unique”, “useful”, “high-quality” site, also added “clear”and ” accessible”. Most likely, these qualities will become the basis of new algorithms. As stated in the official recommendations for the creation of such sites: “Do not place the same information on multiple pages, avoid repetitive or excessive content”; “the Structure of the site is very important. Users like web resources that are easy to navigate and where you can always find the information you need.”

From a personal archive to the sales tool

To learn about the site, learn about your company, as well as about the products and services that you offer, you need to promote it. Let’s draw an analogy with the traditional market. Most often, visitors to the shopping pavilion make a purchase at those points that are closest to the entrance/exit. Similarly, this principle works in SEO optimization sites. Internet resources that are in the Top are, as a rule, the most visited sites. In addition, the sites located on the first ten positions, will collect more than 95% of all visits to this search query.

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All this once again convinces of the expediency of using the website as a trading platform. But the site itself will not make a profit, because the site without SEO promotion is just a personal archive.